Siloam Inscription Font

     The Siloam Inscription was discovered in 1880 on the rock facing near the opening of the tunnel leading from the Gihon Spring to the Pool of Siloam.  It records the successful completion of the tunnel by Hezekiah (725-697 BCE).  The script is exemplary of about the same stage of development as the Moabite Stone and although intended to be a formal monumental inscription, it contains many cursive features.  The inscription is actually the lower half and the rock above, an area about 70 cm square may have been intended for a pictorial representation or the upper half may have been inscriptional as well and since lost.

     Like the DSS Scribal font, the inscriptionist varied the shapes of his characters that make it difficult to standardize to modern word processors.  Accordingly, it is necessary to "tweak" the script after typing by using the Format/Font/Character Spacing utility and to either increase or decrease the point size of the individual character.  This is particularly necessary for the Lameds, which must be "raised" in font utility and increased in point size, the Shins, Dalets, Zayins, and Tsades, which must be individually decreased in point size.

     There is no Tet or Samek in the Siloam inscription so I have created these characters from seal inscriptions of the same period and "forged" the handwriting of the inscriptionist.

silact.jpg (51831 bytes)

The Siloam Inscription


silline.jpg (37009 bytes)

Siloam Inscription (enhanced)


siltest.jpg (11169 bytes)

            Siloam Inscription Font (first 2 lines)


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