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Jack's Scribal and Epigraphic Fonts

These are font sets that I have constructed myself.   They are designed for the classroom or for publications where original scribal or epigraphic script would be more desireable than transcriptions. As I continue to create new sets I will post them here.  These are Windows True Type fonts but I intend to regenerate them for the Mac as well.  I hope you find them useful. 

These are free but if you would like to help defray the costs for the font-making program, you can send a little something to:

Jack Kilmon, 16800 Sugarpine Dr. #C18, Houston, Texas 77090

Just click on the font you wish and "save file" to download


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A Brief Assay on the History of Writing and the Development of the Alphabet


Early Phoenician

phoenician.gif (2704 bytes)


Moabite/Mesha Stele Epigraphic

moabite.gif (1116 bytes)


Lachish Ostraca Cursive Palaeohebrew

lachish.gif (1324 bytes)


Elephantine Papyrus Cursive

Elephntn.gif (1536 bytes)


Jack's Early Aramaic (10th c. BCE)

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Nabataean Aramaic

nabatean.gif (2624 bytes)


Elephantine and Early Aramaic with Israel IBM order in the upper case. Thanks to Ricky Stein for the remapping.

Elephntn.gif (1536 bytes) earlaram.jpg (11221 bytes)


Jack's Samaritan

samarit.gif (1800 bytes)


Jack's Siloam Inscription

To see how to use this font, click HERE

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Jack's Dead Sea Scroll Scribal

Based on Great Isaiah Scroll

To see how to use this font, click HERE.


Jack's Habakkuk Scribal

Based on Pesher Habakkuk

To see how to use this font, click HERE

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Jack's Meissner Papyrus Cursive

This font, also being a "scribal" hand, requires "tweaking" in the Format/ Font /Character Spacing utility for individual characters. Sorry about this but if you want to duplicate scribal hands in a word processor, you have to to some "scribing."


Jack's Fonts for the MAC, including Israel IBM order in uppercase, thanks to Ricky Stein

Dead Sea Scroll Scribal


Early Aramaic

earlaram.jpg (11221 bytes)



Elephntn.gif (1536 bytes)

I really appreciate Rickey Stein,, for remapping for the Israel IBM and for the MAC.  I fully admit that I'll probably learn every Chinese dialect before I understand a MAC.


Latin Epigraphic

Roman Grafitti coming soon Latin Epigraphic coming soon


Roman Rustica (Capitalis Rustica), Latin bookhand from 1st to 6th century

rustica.gif (6342 bytes)


Latin Uncial, late 2nd to 6th century. Offical script of Church literature from the 3rd century.

uncial.gif (7219 bytes)


Latin Half Uncial. 3rd to 9th century

halfunc.gif (6119 bytes)


Carolingian Minuscule. 8th to 12th century

carolmin.gif (7601 bytes)


Insular Minuscule 6th century onward

insmin.gif (7687 bytes)

Another reminder. Remember that these are SCRIBAL fonts.  Ancient scribes did not have word processors.  A word processor cannot duplicate the various scribal nuances such as the size of caps, long descenders, etc.  You MUST do some scribing with your word processor by using the Format/Font/Character spacing utility to increase point sizes, bold if necessary, and lower or raise character positioning....letter by letter.  You cannot just type along and duplicate the style of an ancient manuscript.  It takes a little work and time.

Early Gothic 11th & 12th centuries

egoth.gif (5507 bytes)

Gothic Textura Quadrata, popular scribal hand from the 13th to the 15th centuries

gothtex.gif (7239 bytes)

To see more of what you can do with this font, CLICK HERE


C. Sinaiticus Uncial Greek

csinai.gif (1419 bytes)


Early Greek Epigraphic

earlgreek.gif (2210 bytes)


Greek Minuscule with Ligatures

I'm still working on script refinement, so a better version will be posted later. This has been a tough font to create. See the instructions with other scribal fonts on how to use them

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Jack's Etruscan

etrusc.gif (3978 bytes)



Fonts from the Net

Coptic Fonts


Greek Fonts


Hebrew Fonts




Sanskrit (an R. Kainhofer Font)

sanskrit.gif (1803 bytes)


Demotic (an R. Kainhofer Font)


Persian Cuneiform (An R. Kainofer Font)


Ugaritic (An R. Kainhofer Font)

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Visit Reinhold Kainhofer's RK Ancient Fonts site


Linear B


Old English


An excellent and extensive resource for other non-English fonts

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